Let's put on a show!

Welcome to KLP!

The Keuka Lake Players, Inc. (KLP) is a non-profit organization, and a live endeavor of, by and for the people of Steuben County and the southern Keuka Lake area.

Founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1988, Keuka Lake Players, Inc. (KLP) is one of the oldest non-profit community theater organizations in the Finger Lakes and it's surrounding region.

The purpose of Keuka Lake Players is to enrich the community by producing, presenting and promoting live theater.

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values and objectives

Core Objectives

    •   To entertain, to educate, and to uplift our audience
    •   To encourage participation and camaraderie from the community by involving them and all of their talents
    •   To stimulate culture and demonstrate that live theater is an alternative means of entertainment

Statement of Support Values

    •   We believe live theater provides a forum to develop and celebrate th talents of the community
    •   We believe an environment of trust, generosity and shared vision encourages personal risk-taking in the artistic prcoess
    •   We believe community theater is a vital participant in rural American culture
    •   We believe learning is a life-long journey, and community theater has an ability to teach and inspire its participants and patrons
    •   We believe live theater is fun
    •   We believe that community theater encourages family togetherness

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